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Publishing EC2 scripts on GitHub

Friday, April 29th, 2011

We’re glad to announce that we’ve published our set of EC2 scripts on GitHub! The kuminami repository contains current versions of the code described in these two blog posts:

In addition, the repository also contains the infrastructure to package the instance spawn script and the DNS syncer as a Debian package.

Kumina into the cloud; creating Amazon EC2 images

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

At Kumina we have already gained lots of experience when it comes to deploying and administering Debian installations on virtualisation platforms such as KVM and Xen. In all our setups, we also perform administration of the Dom0 — the operating system running the virtualisation software. Lately we have also been looking at cloud computing solutions, such as Amazon EC2. One of the advantage of cloud computing is that it’s easy to provide scalability. One can simply spawn new system instances on demand. Unfortunately the lack of administrative access to Dom0 can make it harder to debug and recover instances.

In order to make use of Amazon EC2 to its full potential, it is important that we can quickly spawn Debian installations that are automatically configured using Puppet. We accomplish this by creating our own Kumina-branded Amazon Machine Image (AMI). Compared to the stock Amazon Linux and Ubuntu images, it uses a different approach. Instead of creating an image of a pre-installed Debian system, we have created a relatively small system (about 12 MB), which uses Debootstrap to store an up-to-date installation on the provided storage space. When finished, it stores a set of pre-generated SSL certificates for Puppet in the right place and reboots into this new Debian installation. From within this system, we run Puppet to install additional pieces of software and configure the system correctly.