Certified Kubernetes Administrator Exam Developer

Kumina engineers are experts with Kubernetes and this is ensured by being Certified Kubernetes Administrators. The CKA certification shows competency with installing and maintaining a platform-independent Kubernetes cluster, tested by a trusted certification provider. Kumina can call itself a Certified Kubernetes Service Partner only due to the CKA certified sysadmins working for us.

Today, we’ve taken an additional step to certify, ensure and develop Kubernetes excellence at Kumina; the Linux Foundation and Cloud Native Computing Foundation recognise our own Tim Stoop as a subject matter expert, and have selected him earlier this year to contribute to the new CKA 2020 exam. That’s quite an honour!

At Kumina, we’re proud that Tim received the Certified Kubernetes Administrator Exam Developer badge, because it shows what we already knew: We know our job, and are committed to developing and spreading our knowledge of Kubernetes. Kumina is committed to the open source community and this is one of the small things we contribute. Feel free to reach out to us to congratulate Tim!

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