Kumina has achieved ISO27001:2022 certification!

We are excited to announce that after months of dedicated effort, we have successfully achieved our ISO27001 certification! Previously, Kumina would inform our (prospective) customers that we aimed to adhere to best practices. However, this approach relied on customers conducting their own audits to verify our claims. We realized that this did not align with the level of service we wanted to offer. Our objective is to address our customers’ platform concerns, enabling them to concentrate on their core business without any worries.

The ISO27001 certification provides verification that we have implemented robust security policies aimed at minimizing the risk of data breaches. It demonstrates our commitment to adhering to these policies, ensuring that Kumina can provide a platform that prioritizes the security and privacy of our customers’ core businesses. We take great pride in achieving this certification, as it validates our dedication to handling data with care and preventing any potential data leakage.

Do you have any questions about this? Are you looking for a securely managed Kubernetes platform? Feel free to reach out to us!

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